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A Season of Building

This should be my mentality all the time. No negativity. Just pure positivity in all aspects

This should be my mentality all the time. No negativity. Just pure positivity in all aspects


And here I am, writing my first blog in months. I still can’t believe that my last entry was exactly a year and a month ago. Just great… Anyway, moving on.

As the title suggests, the middle of this year is a season of building, rebuilding, and improvement. Next month is my birthday, and I’ll be 26. My standards tell me that age already belongs to the “early-stage-of-the-late-20s” bracket, and that can either be a good or bad thing. It’s a good thing, because I like the feeling of being a a full-grown adult (don’t start with me that adulthood begins at 18, because that’s B.S.), your world in your hands, and the prospect of grabbing favorable opportunities that await you. But kind of bad also, because of the bigger responsibilities, and the inevitable failures that await you as well.

But, as the saying goes, I should not over-think and must tackle things “one step at a time.”

Now, the first step in that quote is a birthday present to myself… sort of. I’ve wanted to build myself a full desktop computer for a long time, and the timing couldn’t get any better. The only problem is, I don’t have the necessary resources to build one ASAP so I’m taking it slow and plan on buying the components in batches at the shortest intervals possible.

The complexity of this “project” is what draws me more to it, and the rewards upon completion. I get to hit three birds in one stone with this one. First and foremost, my gaming appetite will be satiated for the next several years. Second, the sheer knowledge I’ll acquire from this little project can be an investment of sorts, because not everyone is a techie you know. Third, is that it will finally give me a peace of mind so I can now direct all my attention and focus on my long term goals.

Now, for the long term goals, that’s another story, and should be in another blog. Because my girlfriend, the person that makes everything in me tick, is mostly involved.

BTW, I just realized that this should be a birthday blog. Anyway, I’ll just have to comeup with something new to say on my birthday. A promise to self. Here we go again…


My First Post for 2012

Really? Not a single post for year 2011 and the 1st half of 2012? Am I really that busy and lazy that I wasn’t able to post not even a few words on my blog? Well, that was last year. This time around, I’ll try to share my thoughts as much as I can. Whether it’s an intelligent or complex topic that can make noses bleed or just some random crap that’s not even worth [writing and] reading in the first place, I really should start posting something. That’s what blogs are for, right?

Maybe because I was too focused on what to do with my blog. I thought too much, that it ended up being dormant. A random piece of junk lingering in the webspace. I hope things do get different from this moment on.


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A Cool Way To Kick Start November

Hello November, thank you October! The weather yesterday seemed perfect for All Saint’s Day––it was drizzling, gloomy, and chilly as hell! But I do hope people who went to the cemeteries are fine though. Catching a cold can be nasty these days. Anyway, back to my side of the story. When the occasional couch potato is enjoying his/her cup of coffee at home to keep oneself warm, I’m at the mall enjoying my Scramble to keep myself what, cool? Haha! Just kidding, corny I know. Yeah, I happen to encounter by chance a Manila Scramble stall in Robinson’s Galleria while I was waiting for my year-old Bench shoulder bag to get fixed. I bet everyone’s familiar with this cold treat. We often see them outside of schools during dismissal time when we were young. We giggle to the sight of that pink-colored (whatever that is) crushed-ice topped with milk powder and chocolate syrup placed in a small, pink plastic cup. It was a definite eye-candy for us former kiddos, and a pleasure to eat as well! But that was the “street” version. The scramble I had (and of this generation) from MS is presented in a similar fashion as frozen yogurts. It’s now in a tub, and aside from the original milk powder and chocolate/strawberry syrup, a variety of other toppings (fruit loops, corn flakes, mallows, candy sprinkles, and others which I can’t remember anymore, haha!) are also available as well. Nice indeed! And to top it all off? It only costs 17 bucks, with 4 Php for every additional topping. How about that!

I do hope more stalls offering these delights start popping out in malls (G4, anyone?). I can’t say for now that this can serve as an alternative to the popular (and more expensive) froyo, but hey, it makes a good on-the-go treat while strolling around––and it’s cheap! Can’t wait to have Baby-C (and I’m Baby-J btw… err..) try this. 😀

Mine had the usual mallows and candy sprinkles as toppings. \m/

This Ain’t No Baby Food

It’s been a while since my baby and I had a REAL heavy dinner. Usually when work hours are over, we feast on fast food most of the time, which to be quite honest, is starting to make us feel “dirty” and “flabulous!”

Because of the monotony fast-food fare is giving us, we dropped by at Glorietta 4 to look for something different to munch on. After spending a lifetime choosing between World Chicken and Meister’s, we’ve finally decided to try the latter for the first time, and boy, it didn’t disappoint!

This ain’t no baby food folks. The platter’s serving is quite big for its 155-buck price tag. The fries are good, pasta just right, and the burger is big and fulfilling! We’re definitely going to visit Meister’s again.

Eenie Meenie…


Pasta with Stroganoff Beef Pasta

Top Vioowww..

Ciellow’s siiippp.

Burp! Ooops!

The Longest Commute

For so many years, commuting from point A to B wasn’t that much of a hassle for me. I was the type of commuter who’s only used to traveling short distances. My friends used to tease me that I was a “hatid-sundo” type. Well that was before, I don’t mind commuting very long distances, it’s just that I’m not used at doing it on an everyday basis. You can’t blame me for it, because during my gradeschool years, my parents provided a school service for my everyday transpo from home to school. When we moved to a new house during highschool, my school was just a few blocks away. And then in college, I transferred to my aunt’s home in Makati, so I could just be within walking distance (or a jeep-ride away) from my school. And currently, the first 2 years of my professional life was also the same since my workplace was also just a jeep-ride away.

Last week’s Monday morning was my longest commute to date (since we just moved from Makati to QC last week). This is something that I have to do on a daily basis from now on. I’m not complaining (why should I? I have several co-workers who live way down south in Parañaque, Laguna, and Cavite areas who travels farther than I do), and to be quite honest, I really don’t mind as long as the trip doesn’t bore me down. Living in a secluded place have its cons too you know. Our community is situated deep within Crame, between MRT Cubao and Santolan stations so I have to walk my way out for me to access them. For my first try of this longest commute, I chose to ride the Santolan MRT since it’s nearer than Cubao (I owe google maps for this. \m/). The only thing I quite don’t like was the long walk. I have no problem walking long distances, it’s the city smog and the morning rush hour that makes walking worse (it’s inevitable.)

So that’s it. It’s really a pain for me to commute, but still, I believe that in time, I’ll get used to it.